Position Statement On Gender Equity

One of the purposes of the IHSAA is to assure that every student-athlete has a fair opportunity to compete. That purpose can only be achieved when there is true equality of opportunity to participate in athletics. Athletic participation in an IHSAA member school is an extension of and an integral part of the educational experience for those young people who become student-athletes. These educational experiences should not be reduced in scope and significance by disparities which limit the participation of any athlete.

The IHSAA believes that gender equity is more than being in compliance with the law. It is a spirit. It is a personal ethic. It is a commitment to do what is right and fair for all student-athletes. It means creating an atmosphere and an environment where opportunities and resources are distributed fairly to boys and girls, an atmosphere where no person experiences discrimination on the basis of gender.

It is the position of the IHSAA that its member schools must monitor their athletic programs to ensure that athletic offerings are equitable and meet the interests and abilities of student-athletes.

While the IHSAA does not have the authority to provide specific interpretations or to rule on compliance issues regarding Title IX, it does believe that all concerned should take steps to be sure that the spirit and intent of gender equity is met.

Adopted May 1, 1995


86.41 of the Title IX regulation states that a school district must develop and operate athletic programs according to the following specifications:

whether the selection of sports and levels of competition effectively accommodate the interests and abilities of members of both sexes
the provision of equipment and supplies
scheduling of games and practice times
travel and per diem allowance
opportunity to receive coaching; assignment and compensation of coaches
provision of locker room, practice and competitive facilities
provision of medical and training facilities and services
provision of support services