Minutes of the August 9, 2001 meeting at the IHSAA office



Chairman Oren Sutherlin, Linda Barnett, Dan Cunningham, Dennis Eller, Phillip Gardner, Phil Hoskins, Lee Lonzo, Patrick Mapes, Michael Necessary, Pam Noble, Michael Powell, Cecil Raymond, Roger Weaver, Cassel White, Commissioner Blake Ress, Associate Commissioner Ray Craft, Assistant Commissioners Bobby Cox, Sandy Searcy, Theresia Wynns, Sports Information Director Jim Russell, Technology Director Tom Perkins and Attorney Steven Moss.



Minutes of the June 8, 2001 meeting were recommended for approval. A motion for approval was made by Michael Necessary; seconded by Patrick Mapes; motion passed 13-0.



Commissioner Ress reviewed, with the Committee, those sections of the 2001-02 IHSAA Policy Manual dealing with the powers and duties of the Executive Committee.



Chairman Oren Sutherlin distributed the 2001-02 state tournament assignments to Executive Committee members.


Commissioner Ress presented the probable agendas for the monthly 2001-02 Executive Committee meetings.



Assistant Commissioner Wynns requested the Executive Committee mandate that coaches and officials attend the 2001-02 IHSAA Rules Interpretation Meetings in their respective sports. The sports in which rules interpretation meetings will be conducted are: baseball, basketball, football, golf, gymnastics, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, track & field, volleyball and wrestling. Assistant Commissioner Wynns also requested that effective in 2002-03, each program (male and female) be required to have a representative in attendance at these meetings. A motion to mandate that attendance of coaches and officials at IHSAA Rules Interpretation Meetings was made by Michael Powell; seconded by Phil Hoskins; motion passed 13-0.



Assistant Commissioner Searcy reported on site changes and other preliminary plans for the 2001-02 Volleyball Tournament Series. The following information was included in this recommendation:

Sectional Host Sites – October 18, 20

Class 4A

Class 3A

Class 2A

Class A

1 – Lowell

17 – Hammond Morton

33 – Hanover Central

49 – River Forest

2 – Chesterton

18 – Griffith

34 – Triton

50 – West Central

3 – LaPorte

19 – Plymouth

35 – Central Noble

51 – Bethany Christian

4 – Mishawaka

20 – Twin Lakes

36 – North Miami

52 – Southwood

5 – Wawasee

21 – South Bend LaSalle

37 – Bluffton

53 – Frontier

6 – Fort Wayne North Side

22 – Angola

38 – Delphi

54 – Clinton Prairie

7 – McCutcheon

23 – Heritage

39 – Madison-Grant

55 – Cowan

8 – New Castle

24 – Jay County

40 – Cambridge City Lincoln

56 – Blue River Valley

9 – Indianapolis Broad Ripple

25 – Delta

41 – Western Boone

57 – Riverton Parke

10 – Lawrence North

26 – Crawfordsville

42 – Tri-West Hendricks

58 – Morristown

11 – Avon

27 – Greenfield-Central

43 – Park Tudor

59 – Bloomfield

12 – Center Grove

28 – Franklin County

44 – Eastern Hancock

60 – Jac-Cen-Del

13 – Mooresville

29 – Providence

45 – Brownstown Central

61 – Shoals

14 – Columbus East

30 – Greencastle

46 – Salem

62 – Tecumseh

15 – Floyd Central

31 – Sullivan

47 – South Knox

63 – Springs Valley

16 – Evansville Central

32 – Gibson Southern

48 – Forest Park

64 -- Henryville



Regional Host Sites – October 27

Class 4A

Class 3A

Class 2A

Class A

Sectionals 1-4 – Mishawaka

Sectionals 17-20 – Twin Lakes

Sectionals 33-36 – Triton

Sectionals 49-52 – Caston

Sectionals 5-8 – Muncie Central

Sectionals 21-24 – NorthWood

Sectionals 37-40 – Oak Hill

Sectionals 53-56 – Clinton Prairie

Sectionals 9-12 – Perry Meridian

Sectionals 25-28 – Greenfield-Central

Sectionals 41-44 – Tri-West Hendricks

Sectionals 57-60 – Morristown

Sectionals 13-16 – Seymour

Sectionals 29-32 -- Jasper

Sectionals 45-48 -- Mitchell

Sectionals 61-64 – Springs Valley


State Championships – November 3, Indianapolis

Semifinals, 9 a.m.

Class A – Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Class 2A – Ben Davis High School.

Class 3A – Pike High School.

Class 4A – North Central High School


Finals, 2:30p.m., Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis

Class A – 2:30 p.m.

Class 2A – Will begin 30 minutes after the presentation of awards in Class A at approximately 4 p.m.

Class 3A – Will begin 30 minutes after the presentation of awards in Class 2A at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Class 4A – Will begin 30 minutes after the presentation of awards in Class 3A at approximately 7 p.m.

A motion to approve the recommendations for the 2001-02 Volleyball Tournament Series was made by Phillip Gardner; seconded by Dennis Eller; motion passed 13-0.



Assistant Commissioner Cox presented plans for the 2001-02 Football Tournament Series. The following information was included in that recommendation:

  1. The format is basically the same as previous years. However, many sectionals have changed since 2001 is a realignment year.

2. The first team assigned in each sectional shall conduct the pre-tourney meeting.

A motion to approve the recommendations for the 2001-02 Football Tournament Series was made by Dennis Eller; seconded by Cassel White; motion passed 13-0.


Commissioner Ress requested permission to have representatives attend the conferences and workshops outlined below:

The Mid-West Officials Meeting is scheduled for Sept. 16-18, 2001in Columbia, Missouri. Assistant Commissioner Wynns will be an active participant in this event.

The National Federation Section IV Meeting is scheduled for Sept. 20-21, 2001 in Indianapolis. Permission is requested for Commissioner Ress to attend.

The Mid-West States Seminar is scheduled for Oct. 4-5, 2001 in Schaumburg, Ill. Permission is requested for Commissioner Ress, Chairman Oren Sutherlin and Sports Information Russell to attend.

The annual Winter Meeting of the National Federation is scheduled for Jan. 4-7, 2002 at San Diego, Calif. Permission is requested for staff members involved in issues that are on the agenda to attend these sessions.

A motion to approve the recommended participation in these workshops was made by Dennis Eller; seconded by Linda Barnett; motion passed 14-0.



Commissioner Ress presented the June and July financial report of the Association.

The following reports were presented regarding the financial status of sports conducted during the spring season.


Associate Commissioner Craft reported on transfers that have been ruled on since June 2001. This report included the following actions as of Aug. 3.

Full Eligibility 153

Limited Eligibility 23

Ineligible 0

Total 176



Attorney Steven Moss updated the Executive Committee on the current status of pending litigation against the Association.



Commissioner Ress reviewed the Director and Officers Liability Insurance coverage with the Executive Committee. The premium for this coverage has increased 40% from the previous year. The Catastrophic Insurance coverage also was explained.



Assistant Commissioner Cox reported the IHSAA hosted the NFHS Coaching Education course on July 24 for 54 non-teaching coaches. The IHSAA currently hosts three such classes per year. To date, the IHSAA has provided this service for 164 coaches. The next class is scheduled for Oct. 9, 2001, at the IHSAA office.



Assistant Commissioner Cox reported the IHSAA and the Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (IIAAA) again co-sponsored a workshop for new athletic administrators at the IHSAA office on July 25 and 26. The 47 administrators who participated in this two-day workshop received credit for completing NIAAA Leadership Course 502.



Assistant Commissioner Searcy reported on the inaugural NFHS Student Leadership Conference conducted July 12-15 at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott. More than 400 student-athletes and 100 adults from three countries attended the conference, of which approximately 120 were from Indiana. The four-day conference included curriculum designed to foster leadership and sportsmanship, a community service project, and the development of an action plan for each state.



Technology Director Tom Perkins reported on the progress of IHSAA technology development. This year, member schools will be able to renew their membership through the IHSAA.net website. Each member school shall receive a new user name and password, as well as instructions on how to submit pertinent school information. All previous passwords are void. This site also will allow member schools to review athletic transfer rulings and have access to the IHSAA officials database.



The following penalties were assessed for various violations of the IHSAA By-Laws:

Waldron High School – Commissioner Ress reported the following action as a result of a violation of Rule 15-2.2:

  1. The Waldron High School volleyball program is issued a warning.
  2. The student athlete involved in this violation shall be suspended for four matches during the 2001 season.
  3. Assistant Alicia Ray involved in this violation shall be suspended from coaching for four matches during the 2001 season.
  4. The administration of Waldron High School is commended for its reporting and handling of this matter.



Attorney Steven Moss reviewed hearing procedures with the Executive Committee.


Commissioner Ress requested that Executive Committee members start planning dates and locations for the Fall Area Principal Meetings. Late September and early October is the recommended time frame for scheduling these annual meetings. In the future, the IHSAA Executive Staff will establish meeting dates in the spring so these meetings may be placed on the IHSAA calendar.



Sports Information Director Jim Russell distributed information regarding the selection process for the IHSAA Distinguished Media Service Awards. An award is presented annually in each of the three IHSAA districts. Committee members were requested to give some serious consideration to identifying potential candidates in their district so that honorees can be selected in a timely fashion.



Associate Commissioner Craft distributed a NFHS press release concerning the Ball Exit Speed Ratio (BESR) performance standard for all non-wood bats. Beginning Jan.1, 2003, all non-wood bats must have a BESR certification mark to be legal for high school baseball. In addition to the current requirements (which took effect with the 2001 season) of 2 5/8 inches for the diameter of the bat barrel and a minus-3 differential between the length and weight of the bat, the BESR mark ensures a maximum exit speed of 97 miles per hour and that the bat has met the moment-of-inertia requirement.



Commissioner Ress reported a basketball summit has been scheduled for August 10. Representatives from coaching associations and officials will convene to discuss pertinent issues such as aggressive play, the three-person officiating system, the observer program, and the new coaching box specifications.



  1. Letter from Scott Bovenkerk, president, and Dave Land, executive director, Indiana Football Coaches Association.
  2. Letter from Dr. Thomas W. Rohr, superintendent, Clay Community Schools.
  3. Email from John and Susan Wheeler, parents, Indianapolis Scecina Memorial High School.
  4. Letter from Brandon Straub, Jami Wilder, Jordan Burt, Alan Robinson, Kendra Frost, Lindsay Carter, students attending Delta High School.


The August meeting of the Executive Committee was adjourned. The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be at 8 a.m. Sept. 6, 2001 at the IHSAA office.