IHSAA Executive Committee

Minutes from the December 16, 2004 meeting in Indianapolis



Chairperson Lee Lonzo, Nancy Alspaugh, Randy Barrett, Dennis Bunda, Jim Feist, Phillip Gardner, Phil Hoskins, Patrick Mapes, Paul Neidig, Pam Noble, Geoff Penrod, Michael Powell, Roy Simpson, Debb Stevens, Roger Weaver, Commissioner Blake Ress, Associate Commissioner Ray Craft, Assistant Commissioners Bobby Cox, Sandy Searcy, Theresia Wynns, Sports Information Director Jerry Baker, and Attorney Robert Baker.



The minutes of the November 5, 2004 meeting were presented for approval.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Patrick Mapes; seconded by Phil Hoskins; motion passed 15-0.



Commissioner Ress presented the results of the Board of Directors elections that were conducted by mail from December 1-10, 2004, for certification.  The ballots are open to inspection by any candidate or principal of a member school. 



Class A            

Debb Stevens, Caston HS                                                    48

Larry A. Wolfe, Argos HS                                                     21

Albert Hanselman, Culver Community HS                               18

Kevin Hannon, South Central (Union Mills) HS                        18                    

Debb Stevens re-elected to serve a three-year term beginning on July 1, 2005.


Class AAA

Dick Tobias, Plymouth HS                                                    66

John H. Spinks, Jr., Kankakee Valley HS                               35                               

Dick Tobias elected to serve a three-year term beginning on July 1, 2005.



Class AA

Herb E. Resler, South Adams HS                                          68

Ron Probst, Speedway HS                                                   45        

Herb E. Resler elected to serve a three-year term beginning on July 1, 2005.                                              


Class AAAA                 

Lee Lonzo, Carmel                                                               105

Lee Lonzo re-elected to serve a three-year term beginning on July 1, 2005.



Class A

Roger L. Weaver, White River Valley HS                                69

Steve Kilian, Oakland City Wood Memorial HS                       36

Roger L. Weaver re-elected to complete a term that runs until July1, 2005.


Class AAA

Mike Whitten, Boonville HS                                                   71

Mike Miller, West Vigo HS                                                    33

Mike Whitten elected to serve a three-year term beginning on July 1, 2005.


A motion to certify election results was made by Randy Barrett; seconded by Pam Noble; motion passed 15-0.



Commissioner Ress recommended that Jason Wille be appointed as the IHSAA Sports Information Director.  A motion was to approve the recommendation was made by Phil Gardner; seconded by Geoff Penrod; motion passed 15-0.


Jason Wille is in his 10th year as an employee of the IHSAA after being promoted to the position of Assistant Sports Information Director in January 2002. He was hired in July 1995 as Publications Coordinator and was responsible for the annual production, editing and distribution of the Association’s numerous publications and forms including all state championship programs.  Prior to joining the IHSAA, Wille worked as a graduate assistant for one year each in the sports information offices at the University of Florida and Purdue University, where he also labored as a student assistant for four years as an undergraduate.  Wille earned a B.A. degree from Purdue University in 1991 and is also a 1986 graduate of Crown Point High School.  He and his wife of three years, Sherry, and their 11-week-old son, Max Jacob, reside in Carmel.



Commissioner Ress recommended approval of an emergency By-Law amendment:


Rule 19, Section 6, Article 1e               Page 64


Insert:  The student’s former school is not an IHSAA member school and is not accredited by the state accrediting agency in the state where the school is located.


This eliminated a loophole in the By-Laws whereby a student athlete could have changed schools without a family move, and gained full eligibility.  A motion was to approve the recommendation was made by Phil Hoskins; seconded by Dennis Bunda; motion passed 15-0.



Commissioner Ress requested that members of the support staff receive a holiday bonus as they have in recent years.  Randy Barrett made a motion that members of the support staff receive holiday bonuses; Roy Simpson seconded the motion; motion passed 15-0.



Commissioner Ress asked the Executive Committee to establish a screening committee for the 2005 IHSAA Centennial Scholarship. 



Michael Chastain (Culver Academy) representing the Indiana Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches (IATCCC), and Bill Duffy (Columbia City), representing the Indiana Coaches of Girls Sports Association (ICGSA), appeared before the Executive Committee to present the following proposals:

1.   Reconsider the rule about host school options with regard to the pole vault.  The vault should be contested in every meet.  If not contested, the points should be given to the opposing school(s), as in other events (if the facility is not legal).

2.   Move to 5 semi-states in cross country with either four or five teams advancing to the state meet.

3.   Move the cross country tournament series back to a four week/four level event. 

Action will be taken at the January Executive Committee meeting.



Assistant Commissioner Wynns reported that the IHSAA will once again participate in the NFHS Women in Sports Day luncheon held in downtown Indianapolis in February.  As part of our participation, the IHSAA sponsors a sportsmanship award.



Chairman Lee Lonzo reported on his attendance, along with Commissioner Ress, at the Mid-West States Seminar at Rosemont, IL.  Items discussed included public/private competition, dealing with state legislators, as well as participation and eligibility policies that various states have adopted.



Assistant Commissioner Wynns presented a list of basketball officials who have applied to work the 2004-05 Girls Basketball Tournament Series.  Of the 240 experienced officials and 135 new officials who applied, the IHSAA will choose 256 to work the tournament series.



Associate Commissioner Craft reported on the transfers that have been ruled on for the 2004-05 school year.  This report included the following actions as of December 2004:                     

Full Eligibility         2,164

Limited Eligibility      156

Ineligible                    41

Total                     2,361



Assistant Commissioner Wynns updated the Executive Committee on the unsportsmanlike conduct reports that have been submitted.  As of December 15, 2004, there have been 398 reports filed.  This figure shows an decrease over last year’s numbers.  The sportsmanship banner presentations are continuing through February, and have been met with a positive response. 



Nancy Alspaugh made a report on behalf of the Technology Committee.  Technology will be a topic that will be on the agenda at the Board’s January workshop.



The following reports were presented regarding the financial status of sports conducted during the fall sports season.


1.   Boys Tennis is a non-revenue generating sport.  With most of the expenditures accounted for, the cost of the Boys Tennis Tournament showed a decrease of 13% from last year.


2.   The Boys and Girls Cross Country Tournament Series expenses continue to increase due to improved technology.  The 2004 Boys and Girls Cross Country State Championships were held at Lavern Gibson Course Terre Haute cross country course this year, and the event appears to have been well received by participants, coaches, and fans.


3.   The Boys and Girls Soccer tournament attendance remained consistent, as did expenditures.  Inclement weather at the semi-state level caused a slight decrease in revenue, although expenses showed a decrease as well.


4.   The Girls Golf tournament series produces little income.  Although it is one of the most expensive tournaments to conduct, the expenses were commensurate with last year’s, at approximately $52,000.



Attorney Robert Baker updated the Executive Committee on the current status of pending litigation against the Association.



Heritage Christian High School(Illegal coaching during girls basketball open facility sessions)

Commissioner Ress reported the following action as a result of a violation of Rule 15-2.6.

1.       The Heritage Christian High School girls’ basketball program is issued a warning. 

2.       Coach Mark Richards is reprimanded for causing this violation to occur. 

3.       The IHSAA accepts and supports the cancellation of all remaining pre-season open facility sessions and the one game suspension of Coach Richards as an appropriate response to this violation.   

4.       The administration of Heritage Christian High School is commended for its reporting and handling of this matter.


Muncie Central High School(Diving coach conducted Sunday practice session)

Commissioner Ress reported the following action as a result of a violation of Rule 9-13.

1.       The Muncie Central High School swimming program is issued a warning. 

2.       Coach Lura Abrell is reprimanded for conducting a Sunday practice session for divers in direct violation of Rule 9-13. 

3.       The administration of Muncie Central High School is commended for its reporting and handling of this matter.


Southridge High School(Football coach photocopied a distributed forged tickets to sectional game)

Commissioner Ress reported the following action as a result of a violation of Rule 3-6.

1.       The Southridge High School football program is issued a warning. 

2.       Coach Brad Hanner is severely reprimanded for his unethical and unacceptable behavior for a coach.

3.       The administration of Southridge High School is commended for its handling and reporting of this matter.



1.   Letter from John Beeker, Principal, McCutcheon High School

2.   Letter from Alan Matheis, Athletic Director, Northeast Dubois High School

3.   Letter from Christine Settle, Principal; Richard Nau, Athletic Director; & John Hart, Football Coach at Evansville Reitz High School



1.   William Amerson, Jeffersonville HS and Patrick Mapes, Delta HS – IASP District Principals of the Year

2.   Kevin Horrigan, Athletic Director, Greenfield-Central HS – NIAAA Distinguished Service Award Winner


A motion to adjourn the December meeting of the IHSAA Executive Committee was made by Patrick Mapes; seconded by Jim Feist; motion passed 15-0.  The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be at IHSAA headquarters at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, January 20, 2005.