2021-22 Membership Profile

Total Member Schools: 407
Provisional Member Schools: 7

Provisional Members Gained: 0

Full Members Gained: 1
Hammond Central

School Consolidations: 1
Hammond schools closed Hammond, Hammond Clark and Hammond Gavit with students now attending either new Hammond Central and Hammond Morton

Members Lost: 4
Hammond Clark
Hammond Gavit
Indianapolis Emmerich Manual

School Name Changes: 0

No. of Full Member Schools by District 
District I: 133
District II: 138
District III: 136

State Tournament Eligibility

Beginning in 2021-22
Trinity School at Greenlawn

Beginning in 2022-23
Dugger Union
Evansville Christian
MTI School of Knowledge
Purdue Polytechnic

Beginning in 2023-24
KIPP Indy Legacy

Beginning in 2024-25
Steel City Academy