Feb. 26, 2000

Center Grove High School, Greenwood


Evansville Mater Dei

wins sixth consecutive title

Top-ranked and undefeated Evansville Mater Dei won its sixth consecutive state championship in convincing fashion, posting three solid victories to complete a 25-0 season in the 2000 IHSAA Team Wrestling State Finals Feb. 26 at Center Grove High School in Greenwood.

Winning the first four matches and seven of the first eight, Evansville Mater Dei defeated Mishawaka 45-21 in the title round. The Wildcats reached the finals by eliminating previously undefeated Perry Meridian 46-12 in the first round and Portage 33-17 in the semifinals.

Five Evansville Mater Dei wrestlers went 3-0 for the day. Those were Craig Macke (103 pounds), Chad Raben (140), Allen Weinzapfel (160), Aaron Knight (171) and Jason Lewis (189). Weinzapfel registered all of his victories via fall, with no match lasting longer than 2:48.

Mishawaka (23-2) reached the championship round after ousting two opponents via tiebreaker procedures in the first round and the semifinals. In both, the Cavemen were declared the winner on the second tiebreaker, which awards the team victory to the school with more six-point (major decisions or pins) victories. Mishawaka had tied 26-26 with Bellmont in the opening round and by the same score with Franklin in the semifinals.

Coached by Mike Goebel for each of its championships during the current run, the Wildcats are the first team in Indiana history to win six straight wrestling state titles. The streak began in 1995 when the team title was decided on the basis of team points earned in the individual state meet. It has continued since 1996 under the dual-meet format now employed to determine the team championship. Evansville Mater Dei also won a state title in 1986.

Evansville Mater Dei's six-year title streak is the fourth longest in IHSAA annals in any sport. In the history of IHSAA-sponsored state tournaments, only five schools have won six or more consecutive titles in any sport. Those are: Carmel (14), girls swimming 1986-2000; Gary Roosevelt (9), boys track and field, 1981-1989; Anderson (7), boys cross country, 1946-1952; Gary Froebel (6), boys track and field, 1928-1933; Hammond (6), boys swimming and diving, 1939-42 and 1950-52. Hammond's title run was interrupted by a period when a state tournament was not conducted.


Quarterfinals Results

*Mishawaka 26, Bellmont 26, (Bellmont finishes 28-1). Mishawaka wins on criteria tie breaker No. 2. First tiebreaker (overall victories), Mishawaka 7, Bellmont 7); Second tiebreaker, six-point victories (Mishawaka 2, Bellmont 1).

Franklin 45, Yorktown 18 (Yorktown finishes 23-3).

Evansville Mater Dei 46, Perry Meridian 12 (Perry Meridian finishes 26-1).

Portage 41, Frankfort 25 (Frankfort finishes 26-1).

Semifinals Results

*Mishawaka 26, Franklin 26 (Franklin finishes 26-2). Mishawaka wins on criteria tie breaker No. 2. First tiebreaker (overall victories), Mishawaka 7, Bellmont 7); Second tiebreaker, six-point victories (Mishawaka 1, Franklin 0).

Evansville Mater Dei 33, Portage 17 (Portage finishes 30-2).

Finals Results

Evansville Mater Dei 45, Mishawaka 12 (Mishawaka finishes 23-2; Evansville Mater Dei finishes 25-0)



Evansville Mater Dei 45, Mishawaka 21

103 Craig Macke (EMD) major dec. Adam Egendoerfer (M), 9-1.

112 Bobby Ausbrooks (EMD) dec. Yancy Gradeless (M), 4-2.

119 Dustin Nosko (EMD) pinned Micah Towne (M), 5:12.

125 Mike Conkling (EMD) pinned Nathan Brownbridge (M), 3:25.

130 Alex Dolly (M) dec. Matt Conkling (EMD), 4-0.

135 Logan Riggs (EMD) pinned Joe Cramer (M), 5:56.

140 Chad Raben (EMD) maj. dec. Dez Dolly (M, 11-2.

145 Adam Goebel (EMD) dec. Danny Hoppers (M), 8-7 (OT).

152 Ryan Aldrich (M) dec. Eric Dewig (EMD), 12-6.

160 Allen Weinzapfel (EMD) pinned Jeremy Sandefur (M), 2:48.

171 Aaron Knight (EMD) dec. Joel Hoppers (M), 9-2.

189 Jason Lewis (EMD) maj. dec. Justin Hartgrove (M), 9-0.

215 David Haines (M) dec. Jake Boehman (EMD), 5-4.

275 Kris Troup (M) dec. Jon Martin (EMD), 6-4.



Mishawaka 26, Franklin 26

103 Adam Egendoerfer (M), dec. Joe Hasseman (F), 6-2

112 Yancy Gradeless (M) pinned Aaron Clark (F), 3:06

119 John Hillenburg (F) dec. Micah Towne (M), 7-3

125 Alex Dolly (M) maj. dec. Josh Groom (F), 14-4

130 Joe Cramer (M) tech fall Nick Tanner (F), 5:45 (16-1)

135 Ryan Beard (F) dec. Dez Dolly (M), 6-2

140 Lex Whitcomb (F) dec. Nick Sandefur (M), 8-6

145 Danny Hoppers (M) dec. Greg Ratliff (F), 4-0

152 Ryan Aldrich (M) maj. dec. Chris Dowty (F), 16-6

160 Matt Wheatley (F) dec. Jeremy Sandefur (M), 6-4

171 Bryce Hasseman (F) tech fall Joel Hoppers (M), 4:50 (23-8)

189 Travis Fuller (F) maj. dec. David Haines (M), 18-5

215 Seth Tumey (F) tech fall Justin Hartgrove (M), 5:24 (19-4)

275 Kris Troup (M) dec. Charles Hendershot (F), 3-0

*Mishawaka wins on criteria tie breaker #2

Advanced via tie-break criteria: 1: Victories (Mishawaka 7, Franklin 7), 2: 6-point victories (Mishawaka 1, Franklin 0.)

Note: Mishawaka had two team points deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct midway through the match.



Evansville Mater Dei 33, Portage 17

103 Craig Macke (MD) dec. David Persin (P), 7-0

112 Adam Moreno (P) dec. Bobby Ausbrooks (MD), 4-2 OT

119 Dustin Nosko (MD) pinned Paul Reed (P), 1:17

125 Mike Chandler (P) dec. Mike Conkling (MD), 2-1 OT

130 Matt Conkling (MD) dec. Jeff Veach (P), 7-5

135 Anthony Peete (P) dec. Logan Riggs (MD), 10-5

140 Chad Raben (MD) dec. James Ramirez (P), 5-4

145 Eric Kieth (P) dec. Adam Goebel (MD), 3-2

152 Fred Joseph (P) dec. Eric Dewig (MD), 5-0

160 Allen Weinzapfel pinned Aaron Marcadis (P), 0:54

171 Aaron Knight (MD) dec. Tony Christ (P), 5-0

189 Jason Lewis (MD) pinned Aaron Massow (P), 3:43

215 Scott Buhman (P) dec. Jake Boehman (MD), 8-4

275 Jon Martin (MD) dec. Bryon Riley (P), 8-5

Note: Portage had one team point deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct midway through the match.



Mishawaka 26, Bellmont 26

103 Justin Sheets (B) dec. Adam Egendoerfer (M), 6-3

112 Yancy Gradeless (M) pinned Andrew Scheuman (B), 0:29

119 Micah Towne (M) dec. Jon Fruchte (B), 6-2

125 Alex Dolly (M) dec. Tim Ortiz (B), 5-4

130 -- Joe Cramer (M) dec. J.T. Roemer (B), 14-7

135 Jon Fennig (B) maj. dec. Dez Dolly (M), 12-4

140 Tom Friedt (B) dec. Nick Sandefur (M), 8-3

145 Danny Hoppers (M) dec. Joe Wetzel (B), 7-3

152 Ryan Aldrich (M) dec. Jeff Young (B), 11-6

160 Cody Thomas (B) maj. dec. Jeremy Sandefur (M), 13-4

171 Randy Baker (B) pinned Joel Hoppers (M), 2:45

189 Dustin Horman (B) dec. Justin Hartgrove (M), 5-4

215 Mitch Billington (B) dec. David Haines (M), 9-7 OT

275 Kris Troup (M) pinned Andy Seddelmeyer (B), 0:39

Note: Mishawaka had one team point deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct midway through the match.

Franklin 45, Yorktown 18

103 Joe Hasseman (F) tech fall Jarrod Smith (Y), 3:02 (23-6)

112 Aaron Clark (F) pinned Adam Overgaard (Y), 0:56

119 John Hillenburg (F) dec. Brice Keller (Y), 5-2

125 Josh Groom (F) dec. Andy Strayer (Y), 17-10

130 Zeb Clayman (Y) pinned Nick Tanner (F), 4:51

135 Josiah Mosier (Y) dec. Ryan Beard (F), 14-7

140 Lex Whitcomb (F) dec. Ryan McCord (Y), 11-5

145 Chris Dowty (F) dec. Jeremy Jones (Y), 3-0

152 Matt Wheatley (F) pinned Chris Houston (Y), 3:22

160 Bryce Hasseman (F) maj. dec. Matt Abernathy (Y), 16-5

171 Travis Fuller (F) pinned Jon Salmon (Y), 1:34

189 Jim Vester (Y) dec. Jamie Higgenbotham (F), 7-1

215 Seth Tumey (F) pinned Dustin Thomas (Y), 1:29

275 Eric Boyce (Y) pinned Charles Hendershot (F), 3:52

Evansville Mater Dei 46, Perry Meridian 12

103 Craig Macke (MD) pinned Jason Level (PM), 3:37

112 Mark Richardson (PM) dec. Bobby Ausbrooks (MD), 4-1

119 Jeff Eubanks (PM) dec. Dustin Nosko (MD), 7-3 OT

125 Mike Conkling (MD) maj. dec. Brandon McDonald (PM), 14-2

130 Matt Conkling (MD) dec. Terrell Coatie (PM), 7-4

135 Logan Riggs (MD) dec. Ryan Elpers (PM), 12-5

140 Chad Raben (MD) maj. dec. Chris Richards (PM), 10-1

145 Adam Goebel (MD) maj. dec. Jared Cantrell (PM), 11-3

152 Eric Dewig (MD) dec. Kevin Johnson (PM), 8-4

160 Allen Weinzapfel (MD) pinned Alonzo Harris (PM), 1:52

171 Aaron Knight (MD) dec. Matt Clark (PM), 14-7

189 Jason Lewis (MD) pinned Tyler Harmon (PM), 1:02

215 Tim Unfried (MD) maj. dec. Zach Pierson (PM), 8-0

275 Danny Overby (PM) pinned Justin Greubel (MD), 3:59

Portage 41 , Frankfort 25

103 David Persin (P) pinned Chad Gates (F), 0:22

112 Adam Moreno (P) pinned Tony Hinton (F), 1:10

119 Paul Reed (P) dec. Chad Baker (F), 9-3

125 Christian Perez (F) dec. Mike Chandler (P), 14-10

130 Josh Schimmel (F) dec. Jeff Veach (P), 6-1

135 Anthony Peete (P) tech fall Brian Robinson (F), 5:55 (24-9)

140 James Ramirez (P) pinned Adam Robbins (F), 3:58

145 Eric Kieth (P) pinned Shane Martin (F), 5:50

152 Fred Joseph (P) pinned Chase Thompson (F), 1:13

160 Luke Seward (F) maj. dec. Aaron Marcadis (P), 15-5

171 Tony Christ (P) dec. Brett Elliott (F), 3-1

189 Dustin Morgan (F) pinned Tony Voterro (P), 3:26

215 Matt Ford (F) dec. Scott Buhman (P), 5-4

275 Richard Sallee (F) pinned Nathan Ritchie (P), 0:42