February 24, 2001

Center Grove High School, Greenwood


Evansville Mater Dei

captures seventh consecutive title

Top-ranked and undefeated Evansville Mater Dei won its seventh consecutive state championship in decisive fashion, posting three solid victories to complete a 21-0 season in the 2001 IHSAA Team Wrestling State Finals at Center Grove High School in Greenwood.

The Wildcats won four of the first five matches to gain control in the championship round against Portage on the way to a 40-16 victory. Earlier in the day, Evansville Mater Dei defeated Franklin 43-12 in the opening round and Lawrence North 40-15 in the semifinals.

Five Evansville Mater Dei wrestlers went 3-0 for the day. Those were Craig Macke (103 pounds), Dustin Nosko (125), Blake Maurer (130), Chad Raben (140 and 145), and Neil Reddington (171).

Portage (33-2), ranked fourth in the final coaches association poll at the end of the regular season, defeated Southmont 59-11 in the opening round and Mishwaka 35-22 in the semifinals. The Indians had four wrestlers who finished the day 3-0 -- David Persin (11), Darren Elkins (135), Jacob Cohen (189) and Scott Buhman (215).

Coached by Mike Goebel for each of its championships during the current run, Evansville Mater Dei extended its record string of IHSAA wrestling championship. The streak began in 1995 when the team title was decided on the basis of team points earned in the individual state meet. It has continued since 1996 under the dual-meet format now employed to determine the team championship. Evansville Mater Dei also won a state title in 1986.




Lawrence North 34, Bellmont 28

103 Nick Hartman (LN) def. Devin Sielschott (B) by fall, 2:51.

112 John Sheets (B) def. Jon Gard (LN), 11-3

119 Jeff Gray (LN) def. Joel Koons (B), 7-2.

125 Garrett Pino (LN) def. Matt Hendricks (B), 13-5.

130 Nick Koons (B) def. Justin King (LN), 24-9.

135 Tom Schneider (LN) def. Matt Burkhalter (B), 7-4.

140 Asheesh Harsha (LN) def. Tim Ortiz (B) by fall, 5:40.

145 Omar Casillas (LN) def. J.T. Roemer (B), 4-3.

152 Tom Friedt (B) def. Edward Kennedy (LN), 20-8.

160 Joel Wetzel (B) def. Chad Donegan (LN) by fall, 4:47.

171 Randy Baker (B) def. Gary Stephenson (LN) by fall, :29.

189 Dustn Hormann (B) def. Earl White (LN), 5-3.

215 Tony Talley (LN) def. Mitch Billington (B), 5-2.

275 Dwayne Lockridge (LN) def. Ryan Miller (B), 3:37.

Evansville Mater Dei 43, Franklin 12

103 Craig Macke (EMD) def. Aaron Clark (F), 10-9.

112 Sean Schmaltz (F) def. Craig Weinzapfel (EMD), 3-1.

119 Joel Hasseman (F) def. Aaron Scott (EMD) by fall, 5:15.

125 Dustin Nosko (EMD) def. John Hillenberg (F), 12-1.

130 Blake Maurer (EMD) def. Andy Pickett (F), 19-4.

135 Matt Conkling (EMD) def. Josh Groom (F), 12-3.

140 Chad Raben (EMD) def. Greg Ratliff (F), 7-2.

145 Logan Riggs (EMD) def. Nick Tanner (B), 6-3.

152 Ryan Beard (F) def. Eric Dewig (EMD), 4-2.

160 Alllen Weinzapfel (EMD) def. Jesse Hasseman (F), 9-3.

171 Neil Reddington (EMD) def. Kevin Buck (F) by fall, 1:29.

189 Scott Lewis (EMD) def. Jamie Higgenbotham (F), 3-0.

215 -- Aaron Knight (EMD) def. Brandon Armacost (F) by fall, 2:19.

275 Justin Greubel (EMD) def. Charles Hendershot (F), 3-0.


Portage 59, Southmont 11

103 Nathan Uldricks (P) def. David Bennett (S) by fall, :32.

112 Adam Moreno (P) def. Jeremy Benford (S), 23-8.

119 David Persin (P) def. Alex Hickman (S) by fall, :52.

125 Paul Reed (P) def. Phil Kelsey (S) by fall, 3:22.

130 Josh Garza (P) def. Dustin Rogers (S), 16-7.

135 Darren Elkins (P) def. J.T. McCandless (S), 18-2.

140 Jeff Veach (P) def. Bryan Johnson (S), 3-1.

145 Derek Costa (P) def. Shawn Manion (S), 12-10.

152 Chris West (P) def. Josh Kelsey (S), 10-6.

160 Kyle Boots (S) def. Aaron McGuffey (P) by fall, 5:02.

171 Matt McGaughey (S) def. Trent Bolin (P) by fall, 3:35.

189 Jacob Cohen (P) def. Jon Albright (S) by fall, 4:59.

215 Scott Buhman (P) def. Jesse Rivenbark (S) by fall, 1:48.

275 Justin Powell (P) def. Jeremy Mosbaugh (S) by fall, :21.


Mishawaka 24, Yorktown 22

103 -- Adam Egendoerfer (M) def. Jarrod Smith (Y), 9-4.

112 Erik Johnson (Y) def. Chris Herron (M), 5-4.

119 Adam Overgaard (Y) def. Brett Schultz (M), 20-3.

125 Micah Towne (M) def. Andrew Goul (Y), 4-1.

130 Joe Carmer (M) def. Andy Strayer (Y), 12-5.

135 Dez Dolly (M) def. Brice Keller (Y), 5-2.

140 Josiah Mosier (Y) def. Nick Sandefur (M), 9-1.

145 Alex Dolly (M) def. Chris Stiles (Y), 4-0.

152 Jimmy Schultz (M) def. Jeremy Jones (Y), 3-1.

160 Matt Abernathy (Y) def. Joel Hoppers (M), 10-7.

171 Jeremy Sandefur (M) def. Nathan Vester (Y), 6-2.

189 Jon Salmon (Y) def. Kevin Brown (M) 7-4.

215 David Haines (M) def. Dustin Thomas (Y), 6-4.

275 Eric Boyce (Y) def. Nick Nicodemus (M), 9-0.



Evansville Mater Dei 40, Lawrence North 15

103 Craig Macke (EMD) def. Nick Hartman (LN) 17-3.

112 Craig Weinzapfel (EMD) def. Jon Gard (LN), 3-1

119 Jeffrey Gray (LN) def. Aaron Scott (EMD), 5-4.

125 Dustin Nosko (EMD) def. Garrett Pino (LN) by fall, 1:11.

130 Blake Maurer (EMD) def. Justin King (LN), 3-2.

135 Tom Schneider (LN) def. Matt Conkling (EMD), 7-5.

140 Bobby Ausbrooks (EMD) def. Asheesh Harsha (LN), 6-5.

145 Chad Raben (EMD) def. Omar Casillas (LN) by fall, 5:06.

152 Eric Dewig (EMD) def. Edward Kennedy (LN), 5-1.

160 Allen Weinzapfel (EMD) def. Chad Donegan (LN), 4-2.

171 Neil Reddington (EMD) def. Gary Stephenson (LN) by fall, 1:50.

189 Dustin Beal (EMD) def. Earl White (LN), 1-0.

215 Tony Talley (LN) def. Aaron Knight (EMD), 11-5.

275 Dwayne Lockridge (LN) def. Bobby Schmitt (EMD) by fall, :19.


Portage 35, Mishawaka 22

103 Adam Egendoerfer (M) def. Nathan Uldricks (P) by technical fall, 1:00.

112 Chris Herron (M) def. Adam Moreno (P) by fall, 3:27.

119 David Persin (P) def. Brett Schultz (M), 11-3.

125 Paul Reed (P) def.. Micah Towne (M), 10-5.

130 Joe Cramer (M) def. Josh Garza (P), 8-4.

135 Darren Elkins (P) def. Dez Dolly (M) by fall, 1:42.

140 Jeff Veach (P) def. Nick Sandefur (M), 5-0.

145 Alex Dolly (M) def. Derek Costa (P), 6-0.

152 Jimmy Schultz (M) def. Chris West (P) by fall, 3:45.

160 Rickie Elkins (P) def. Joel Hoppers (M), 20-8.

171 Jeremy Sandefur (M) def. Tony Crist (P), 8-4.

189 Jacob Cohen (P) def. Kevin Brown (M), 4-1.

215 Scott Buhman (P) def. David Haines (M) by fall, 1:35.

275 Nick Nicodemus(M) def. Justin Powell (P), 6-5.



Evansville Mater Dei 40, Portage 16

103 Craig Macke (EMD) def. Nathan Uldricks (P) by fall, 3:01.

112 Craig Weinzapfel (EMD) def. Adam Moreno (P), 10-3.

119 David Persin (P) def. Aaron Scott (EMD), 6-2.

125 Dustin Nosko (EMD) def. Paul Reed (P) by fall, :30.

130 Blake Maurer (EMD) def. Josh Garza (P), 3-0.

135 Darrin Elkins (P) def. Matt Conkling (EMD), 12-6.

140 Bobby Ausbrooks (EMD) def. Jeff Veach (P), 10-1.

145 Chad Raben (EMD) def. Derek Costa (P) by fall, 3:46.

152 Eric Dewig (EMD) def. Chris West (P), 7-5.

160 Rickie Elkins (P) def. Allen Weinzapfel (EMD), 8-3.

171 Neil Reddington (EMD) def. Tony Crist (P), 5-2.

189 Jacob Cohen (P) def. Dustin Beal (EMD), 5-3.

215 Scott Buhman (P) def. Scott Lewis (EMD), 5-3.

275 Aaron Knight (EMD) def. Justin Powell (P) by fall, 3:00.