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Welcome to this                 Special Thanks To Our Hosts

              championship event

           For more than 100 years, the IHSAA has enjoyed
           being a part of the journey to adulthood for thousands
           of young Hoosiers.  Knowing that the student-athletes
           we meet today will be the leaders of tomorrow, we are
           grateful for the opportunity to help them as they learn
           valuable life lessons through athletics.
                                                           Indiana University
           Currently in Indiana, over 160,000 students from 410
           different IHSAA member schools participate in high
           school athletics.  From our perspective, participation in   Schedule of Events
           athletics is an integral part of the educational process.    Times are approximate for both days
                           At the IHSAA we believe   3 p.m. Pole Vault, Long Jump, Discus
                           that the athletic arena is an   3:30  High Jump, Shot Put
                           extension of the classroom.    4:15  3200 M Relay Finals
                           The national organization   5:00  100 M Dash Trials
                           for high school athletics, the   5:15  100 / 110 M High Hurdle Trials
                                                   5:40  200 M Dash Trials
                           National Federation of State   6:10  Opening Ceremonies
                           High School Associations   6:15  100 / 110 M High Hurdles Finals
                           (NFHS) has used the slogan,   6:25  100 M Dash Finals
                           “Athletics, the other half of   6:35  1600 M Run
                           education.”  We believe that   6:45  400 M Relay
                                                   7:05  400 M Dash
                           is a very accurate adage.    7:20  300 M Low / Intermediate Hurdles
                           There are many things to be   7:45  800 M Run
           learned through athletics that may not be a part of the   8:05  200 M Dash Finals
           regular classroom setting including lessons such as,   8:15  3200 M Run
           self-discipline, the value of teamwork, the importance   8:30  1600 M Relay
           of dedication and commitment.  Each of these can   Athletic Training Staff
           have a dramatic impact on today’s youth as they   Methodist Sports Medicine - The Orthopedic Specialists
           prepare to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Whether
           it’s their ability to deal with success or overcome great   Program Credits
           adversity, the important lessons learned will last a   Publisher
           lifetime.  Each experience helps shape who one is and   Blake Ress, Commissioner
           who they will become.
           For an organization such as ours, integrity is of primary   Chris Kaufman, Communications Director
           importance.  An uncompromising adherence to the   Editorial Assistance
           principles of fair play and impartiality form the core of   Kristy Murphy, Sports Administration Intern
           our value system.
                                                 Sport Graphics, Indianapolis
           We hope you are looking forward to the 2008-09
           school year with the same anticipation and enthusiasm   Photography
           as the IHSAA staff and Board of Directors.  Visual Sports Network
                                                 Cover Design
           Pure, wholesome, amateur, educational, inexpensive,   three-sixty group, Indianapolis
           local high school athletics has always been the objec-
           tive.  It is what we mean when we say…Pure Spirit.    IHSAA
           Pure Sport!                                      P.O. Box 40650
                                                       Indianapolis, IN 46240-0650
                                                            (317) 846-6601
           Blake Ress
           IHSAA Commissioner

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