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Welcome to this                  Special Thanks To Our Hosts

       championship event

     Since 1903, the Indiana High School Athletic Asso-
     ciation has promoted the values of education based
     athletics and was the primary reason for its formation   Conseco Fieldhouse
                        over 100 years ago.  It
                        has been an honor
                        for our Association to   State Finals Officials
                        partner with member   Scott Arthur, Eric Coburn, R. Brad Dishman, John
                        schools in the promo-  Goss, Doug Greenlee, Derek Howard, Shawn Lambert,
                        tion of these ideals.    Terry Magnuson, Jeffery Nix, Tom Rohr, Jay Slater, Ray
                        The importance of this   Tebbe, Rick Gentry (alternate), Brian Holtz (alternate)
                        mission is more critical
                        today than ever in our   State Finals Personnel
                        history.           Tournament Administrator
                        Currently in our state,   Phil Gardner, IHSAA Assistant Commissioner
                        over 160,000 students   Tournament Director
                        from 410 different IH-  Kevin Horrigan, Greenfield-Central High School
                        SAA member schools   Tournament Assistants
                        choose to participate in   Jim Brown, Fishers High School
     interscholastic athletics.  These fortunate students   Kevin Stephenson, Beech Grove High School
     absorb a variety of life lessons as they develop from   Conseco Fieldhouse
     adolescents to mature young adults.  The opportunity   Rick Fuson, Harry James, Doug Weitkamp
     to learn self-discipline, teamwork, sacrifice, loyalty   Announcer
     and commitment are attributes that have come to be   Scott Gregg
     known as “the other half of education.”  The mastery   Scorer
     of these characteristics retains dramatic impact as   Carol Roland
     these young people assume leadership roles in our   Awards
     society.                              David Beal, Steve Bryant, Doug Laker, Joe Therber
                                           Ball Boys
     A former high school principal once shared with each   Brian Avery, Franklin Central High School
     of his incoming freshman classes that “you will only   National Anthem
     take away from high school what you leave behind.”     Session I - Miss Indiana Gabrielle Reed
                                           Session II - Miss Indiana’s Outstanding Teen Katelyn Marak
     The students that perform before you today are
     leaving their absolute best behind for generations of   Presentation of Colors
                                           Air National Guard
     admirers to recall.
                                           Athletic Training Staff
     On behalf of the IHSAA Staff and Board of Direc-  Methodist Sports Medicine - The Orthopedic Specialists
     tors, we welcome you to today’s events.   Education   Program Credits
     based athletics which are pure, wholesome, and in-
     expensive reflecting local flavor and enthusiasm has   Publisher Bobby Cox, Commissioner
                                           Editor Chris Kaufman, Communications Director
     always been the objective.  It is what we mean when   Editorial Assistance
     we say….. Pure Spirit, Pure Sport, Pure Indiana!  Toni Polizzi, Communications Assistant
                                             Craig Garvin, Sports Administration Intern
     Cordially,                            Printing Sport Graphics, Indianapolis
                                           Photography Visual Sports Network
                                           Cover Design three-sixty group, Indianapolis
     Bobby Cox                                       P.O. Box 40650
     IHSAA Commissioner                         Indianapolis, IN 46240-0650
                                                     (317) 846-6601

     4                     IHSAA - Pure Spirit. Pure Sport. Pure INDIANA!
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