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2015-16 IHSAA Board of Directors and

                               Executive Committee

           The IHSAA is governed by its legislative body, the Board of Directors. Composed of 17 individuals elected by member
           school principals from three legislative districts, they serve staggered three-year terms. Ten board seats are filled by any
           qualified individual (open seats), and seven board seats are filled by two qualified female representatives, two qualified
           minority representatives, two qualified urban school representatives and one private school representative. The Board of
           Directors meets annually with the responsibility of establishing the Association’s By-Laws and regulations.
           The Executive Committee meets monthly and is responsible for organizing and directing state tournaments and meets,
           interpreting the Association’s By-Laws, determining penalties for rules violations, and establishing the Association’s state
           office and employing a commissioner and staff to administer the Association.
           IHSAA Board of Directors                       IHSAA Executive Committee
           District, Seat   Board Member        Term Ends  Paul Neidig, Evansville Vanderburgh Schools
           District I, Class A   Debb Stevens, Caston**   June 2017
           District I, Class AA   Don Gandy, Wheeler   June 2018  (Chairman)
           District I, Class AAA   Nathan Dean, Jimtown   June 2017  Patti McCormack, Lowell (Vice-Chairman)
           District I, Class AAAA   Ed Gilliland, LaPorte   June 2018  Mike Broughton, Jennings County
                                                          Jim Brown, Fishers
           District II, Class AA    Jimmie Howell, Lapel*   June 2017
           District II, Class AAAA   Jim Brown, Fishers   June 2017  Victor Bush, MSD Lawrence Township
                                                          Nathan Dean, Jimtown
           District III, Class A    Richard Lance, Castle   June 2017  Don Gandy, Wheeler
           District III, Class AA    Tim Grove, South Knox School Corporation  June 2018
           District III, Class AAA    Mike Whitten, Boonville   June 2017  Ed Gilliland, LaPorte
           District III, Class AAAA    Mike Broughton, Jennings County   June 2018  Tim Grove, South Knox School Corporation
                                                          Jimmie Howell, Lapel
           North District, Female    Patti McCormack, Lowell   June 2016  Richard Lance, Castle
           North District, Minority    Deborah Watson, East Allen County Schools  June 2016
                                                          Debb Stevens, Caston
           South District, Female    Rae Woolpy, Richmond   June 2016  Deborah Watson, East Allen County Schools
           South District, Minority    Victor Bush, MSD Lawrence Township   June 2016  Mike Whitten, Boonville
           South District, Urban    Paul Neidig, Evansville Vanderburgh Schools June 2016     Rae Woolpy, Richmond
           Private School    Dave Worland, Indianapolis Cathedral   June 2016   Dave Worland, Indianapolis Cathedral
           * President      ** Vice-President

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