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State Finals Guidelines

     Round 1   Round 2
   Name  Gr.  School  Coach  9  9  18  9  9  18  36  Spectator and Golf Course
  Lauren Bailey    12    LaCrosse   Scott Bailey  Expectations  IHSAA Awards Ceremony
  Kayla Benge    10    Plainfield   Curt Benge  • All carts are required to remain on the cart       Teams and fans are encouraged to join us for the
             path at all times.
  Kara Blair    10    New Prairie   Tim Eldridge     • No more than two occupants are permitted on    post-tournament awards ceremony at the awards
  Morgan Brown    12    Lafayette Central Catholic   Angie Brown     golf carts and no students are allowed to       stand near the clubhouse.  The ceremony will begin
  Natalia Campbell    12    Lapel   John Maryan     operate the carts on the course.  as soon as all scores have been reported and final
  Maddie Cody    12    Brownsburg   Phyllis Miller     • Violation of the cart policies will result in loss of    standings tabulated.
  Sarah Frazier    10    Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger   Kurt Leffers  • No outside food or drink is permitted at Prairie View
  Jessica Ingram    12    Floyd Central   Kara Collier     Golf Club.   Mental Attitude Award
  Kristina Kniesly    11    Logansport   Bob Bannon  • Mobile phones and/or electronic devices       Members of the IHSAA Executive Committee will
             should be turned off while on the course.
  Kinley Lingenfelter    11    Rochester Community   Chad Thomas     • Spectators and non-participants may be       announce the recipient of this year’s award, which
  Reece Malapit    11    Yorktown   Nathan McClung     permitted on the course during a tournament     is annually presented to a senior who best demon-
  Mikala Mawhorter    12    Wawasee   Steve Coverstone    provided they do not have significant       strates excellence in mental attitude, scholarship,
  Ciara McAree    12    Hamilton Southeastern   Steve Guenin    conversation with the participants and do not     leadership and athletic ability during her high school
             violate Rule 8 – Advice. Comments must be
  Ellie McClung    12    Vincennes Lincoln   Rick Leonard     limited to encouragement and congratulations.    career.  A scholarship award of $1,000 will be pre-
  Alexis Miestowski   10    Lake Central   Chris Rossiano    Spectators should NOT give information on      sented to the winner.
  Amber Nelson    11    Norwell   Brady Diehl       the Rules.
            • Individual spectators are authorized to
  Mia Ponsot    12    Terre Haute North   Abe Nasser    personally take still photographs at       Top Ten Individuals
  Sophie Rohleder    11    Evansville Mater Dei   Nick Austin    Tournament events, for strictly personal use.  Medals will be awarded to the top (10) individuals
  Charlotte Seaton    12    Silver Creek   Joe Ledbetter  Tie-breakers  in the final standings, including this year’s state
  Shelly Shafer    12    Hagerstown   Mark Shafer  1.  Medalist  champion.
  Kiley Swisher    12    Seeger   Lori Grimmett       a. Additional holes shall be played until the tie is broken
              to determine first place only.
  Tori Treash    11    Plainfield   Curt Benge     b. Ties for second through tenth place shall stand.  Top Four Teams
  Charley True    9    Mt. Vernon (Fortville)   Caleb Zelencik     2.  Team  Medals will be awarded to the student-athletes and
  Sydney Willis    12    South Adams   Seth Sprunger     a. Use the fifth player’s score, and if a tie remains among   staff of the top four teams in the final standings,
               all five players, use the sudden death plan by counting
  Sloane Winders    11    Martinsville   Sharon Most  the best four scores for each hole.  including trophies to the runner-up team followed
           3.  State Finals - If a tie for the team championship competi-  by the state championship team.
               tion occurs after 36 holes, the fifth score shall be the
               total of the fifth score for the first and final rounds of
               the 36 holes.

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