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Welcome to this

         State Championship Event

         The IHSAA State Finals are a time for celebration
         and reflection. While we celebrate the triumphs and
         achievements of the student-athletes competing today,
         we’re also able to reflect on the importance of
         welcoming our fans back and thanking them for their   Special Thanks To Our Hosts
                                                      Ball State University
                            The atmosphere fans      Muncie Visitors Bureau
                            bring to our State          John E. Worthen Arena
                            transforms them from   State Finals Personnel
                            just another event into a   Tournament Administrator
                            true celebration. A   Kerrie Rosati (Schludecker), Assistant Commissioner
                            celebration of the   Assistant Tournament Administrator
                            passion and pageantry   Kayley Howell, Administrative Assistant
                            Hoosier high school   Tournament Director
                            sports are known for.   Tom Lyon
                            Every fan of our high   Officials
                            school sports       1A:  Rhonda Coombs, Norman Delph
                            community—every     2A:  Cynthia Malson, Tim Hamann
                                                3A:  Steve Kline, Ron Miller
                            student, coach, and   4A:  Matt Knezevich, John Merlau
                            bus driver, every parent,   Line Judges
         sister, and brother—contributes to this celebration   1A: Cindy Bice, William Bastin
         whenever they attend a State Finals event. And as   2A: Cindy Bice, William Bastin
                                                3A: John Rodewald, Zach McCrite
         we reflect on this year’s State Finals, we realize those   4A: John Rodewald, Zach McCrite
         are contributions to our celebrations that were sorely   National Anthem
         missed last year. That’s because by attending the   Andrew Hewitt, Delta High School
         State Finals and contributing to that experience, fans   Color Guard
         are supporting and fostering so much more than great   Muncie Central JROTC
         competition…                           Announcer
         They’re supporting exactly what makes high school   Chad Niccum
                                                Bench Assistant
         sports different. For over 100 years, the IHSAA has   Kelly Niccum
         focused on keeping education in front of athletics by   Scorer
         providing an arena for our state’s 160,000   Judy Lawrence
         student-athletes to learn essential life lessons.   Libero Tracker
         Lessons in teamwork, perseverance, and humility.   Meredith Lynn
         Lessons that will translate to their careers as they   Timer
         transition into adulthood. Lessons that will benefit and   Jenna Leach
         define the communities they lead once their playing   Team Hosts
         days are over.                         Courtney Lyon, Katie McClellan, Emily Collins, Deb Buennagel
         So, on behalf of the 407 IHSAA member-schools, our   Officials Manager
                                                Sue Erickson
         board of directors, and all of our student-athletes   Ball Girls
         participating in this weekend’s championship event,   Amy Dillon
         thank you for being with us to celebrate today. Thank   Athletic Training Staff
         you for supporting education-based athletics in   Methodist Sports Medicine - The Orthopedic Specialists
         Indiana. As you enjoy today’s State Finals competition,
         remember that this is pure spirit. This is pure sport.   Program Credits
         This is your IHSAA.                    Publisher: Paul Neidig, Commissioner
                                                Editor: Brandon Baxter, Communications Assistant
                                                Printing: Sport Graphics, Indianapolis
         Sincerely,                             Photography: Double Edge Media
                                                Cover Design: 360 group, Indianapolis
         Paul Neidig                          
         IHSAA Commissioner
         4                      IHSAA - Pure Spirit.  Pure Sport.  Pure INDIANA!
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