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What is a

 Truehearted Teammate?  Welcome!

 A truehearted teammate is someone who makes their team
 successful because of their dedication to the group without
 an expectation of reward or recognition.

 The David Cranfill Truehearted Teammate Award
 recognizes that teammate.

 For over 40 years, David was a truehearted teammate
 of the IHSAA.

 Three Sixty Group is proud to continue David’s legacy as a
 truehearted teammate of the IHSAA and high school sports.
 Since 1973, we’ve put our hearts into telling the story of
 education-based athletics in Indiana.

 That’s why we’ve partnered with the IHSAA Foundation to
 establish the David Cranfill Truehearted Teammate Award—
 an annual scholarship given to student-athletes whose   The 77th Annual Boys & 42nd Annual Girls
 contribution is measured by heart, not by numbers.
           Indiana High School Athletic Association
 Learn more about the IHSAA Foundation and make a   Cross Country State Finals
 donation at
               LaVern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course
                               Terre Haute, Indiana
                                October 29, 2022

                        IHSAA Event Security Policy

      To help ensure the safest and most secure atmosphere for this IHSAA State Final, event manage-
      ment will diligently maintain established security procedures and activities. This will require complete
      cooperation by all competing teams, contest officials and fans. Security will always have priority over
      convenience; therefore, if you are requested to cooperate with event personnel in any manner, please
      do so promptly. Your assistance will enable our staff to fulfill its responsibilities efficiently.

                           IHSAA - Pure Spirit.  Pure Sport.  Pure INDIANA!
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