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Welcome to this  2022-23 IHSAA Board of Directors and
 State Championship Event  Executive Committee

 The IHSAA State Finals are a time for celebration
 and reflection. While we celebrate the triumphs and   Special Thanks To Our Host  The IHSAA is governed by its legislative body, the Board of Directors. Composed of 19 individuals elected by member
 achievements of the student-athletes competing today,   Prairie View Golf Club  school principals from three legislative districts, they serve staggered three-year terms. Ten board seats are filled by any
 we’re also able to reflect on the importance of  qualified individual (open seats), and seven board seats are filled by two qualified female representatives, two qualified
 welcoming our fans back and thanking them for their   Robert Trent Jones, Course Designer  minority representatives, two qualified urban school representatives and one private school representative. The Board of
 support.  Directors meets annually with the responsibility of establishing the Association’s By-Laws and regulations.
 The atmosphere fans   State Finals Personnel
 bring to our State   Tournament Director
 Championships   Chris Kaufman, IHSAA Assistant Commissioner   The Executive Committee meets monthly and is responsible for organizing and directing state tournaments and meets,
 transforms them from   interpreting the Association’s By-Laws, determining penalties for rules violations, and establishing the Association’s state
 just another event into a   Tournament Assistant  office and employing a commissioner and staff to administer the Association.
 true celebration. A   Mike Wilson, IHSAA Staff
 celebration of the   Chairman/CEO - Cohoat and O’Neal  IHSAA Board of Directors
 passion and pageantry   Matt Cohoat  District, Seat   Board Member   Term Ends  IHSAA Executive Committee
 Hoosier high school   District I, Class A   Tom Finicle, Southwood   June 2023  Jeff Doyle, Barr-Reeve (Chairman)
 sports are known for.   Executive Vice President - Cohoat and O’Neal  District I, Class AA      June 2024  Jim Brown, Fishers (Vice-Chairman)
 Every fan of our high   Doc O’Neal  District I, Class AAA   Nathan Dean, Jimtown   June 2023  Stacy Adams, Valparaiso
 school sports   District I, Class AAAA      June 2024  Tom Black, East Central
 community—every   Chief Operating Officer - Cohoat and O’Neal  District II, Class A   Kye Denney, Wes-Del**   June 2024  Chris Conley, Delta
 Colin O’Neal
 student, coach, and bus   District II, Class AA      June 2023  Nathan Dean, Jimtown
 driver, every parent,   VP of Agronomy - Cohoat and O’Neal  District II, Class AAA   Chris Conley, Delta*   June 2024  Kye Denney, Wes-Del
 sister, and   Randy Adcock  District II, Class AAAA   Jim Brown, Fishers   June 2023  Tom Finicle, Southwood
 brother—contributes to this celebration whenever they   Head PGA Professional - Prairie View GC  District III, Class A   Jeff Doyle, Barr-Reeve   June 2023  Chad Gilbert, Charlestown
 attend a State Finals event. That’s because by   Jake Peacock  District III, Class AA   Tim Grove, South Knox School Corp.   June 2024  Tim Grove, South Knox School Corporation
 attending the State Finals and cheering for their   District III, Class AAA   Mike Whitten, Boonville    June 2023  Patti McCormack, Lowell
 school, fans are supporting and fostering so much   Assistant Golf Professionals - Prairie View GC  District III, Class AAAA   Tom Black, East Central   June 2024  Kris Painter, Terre Haute North Vigo
 Calvin George, Nick Bragg
 more than great competition…                      Brian Strong, Logansport
 Golf Academy (Golf School of Indiana)   North District, Female   Patti McCormack, Lowell    June 2025  Mike Whitten, Boonville
                   Stacy Adams, Valparaiso
     North District, Minority
                                          June 2025
 They’re supporting exactly what makes high school   Brad Fellers   North District, Urban   Brian Strong, Logansport    June 2025
 sports different. For over 100 years, the IHSAA has   Golf Course Superintendent
 focused on keeping education in front of athletics by   Nick Tower   South District, Female   Kris Painter, Terre Haute North Vigo   June 2025
 providing an arena for our state’s 160,000 student-  Food and Beverage  South District, Minority      June 2025
 athletes to learn essential life lessons. Lessons in   Sahm’s Catering   South District, Urban   Chad Gilbert, Charlestown    June 2025
 teamwork, perseverance, and humility. Lessons that   Private School Rep.       June 2025
 will translate to their careers as they transition into   Communications and Caddie Program - Cohoat and O’Neal  * President      ** Vice-President
 Lisa Luigs Morrissett
 adulthood. Lessons that will benefit and define the
 communities they lead once their playing days are   Tournament/Outing Manager - Cohoat and O’Neal
 over.    Brooke Beegle
 So, on behalf of the 407 IHSAA member-schools, our   VP of Sales - Cohoat and O’Neal
 Jeff Cohoat
 board of directors, and all our student-athletes
 participating in this weekend’s championship event,   Athletic Trainers
 thank you for being with us to celebrate today.   Forté Sports Medicine and Orthopedics
 Thank you for supporting education-based athletics in   Program Credits
 Indiana. As you enjoy today’s State Finals competition,   Publisher: Paul Neidig, Commissioner
 remember that this is pure spirit. This is pure sport.   Editor: Brandon Baxter, Communications Assistant
 This is your IHSAA.  Printing: Sport Graphics, Indianapolis
 Photography: Double Edge Media
 Cover Design: 360 group, Indianapolis
 Paul Neidig
 IHSAA Commissioner

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