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DeKalb Barons  Champions Together Initiative

 Dk.   Lt.   Name
 1   1   Noah Griggs     In 2012, it began with a challenge from then IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox to the 18
 2   2   Colton Johnson  members of the IHSAA Student Advisory Committee (SAC).  A challenge to find an organization to
 6   6   Cohen Pfefferkorn  support on an on-going basis to build a legacy of leadership.  The SAC researched not-for-profit
 7   7   Scott Slaybaugh
 8   8   Preston Hayward  organizations and unanimously recommended that a partnership be formed between the IHSAA and
 9   9   Keagen Yarian  Special Olympics Indiana (SOIN) based on a “mutual love of sports.”  The “Champions Together”
 10   19   Lionel Cox  partnership was born and first introduced to the entire IHSAA membership in 2013-14 with the philos-
 11   11   Curtis Cook  ophy, “Servant Leadership. Changing Live.”
 12   12   Ray Chalfin
 13   13   Aiden Maloney
 14   14   Myles Dobson  Champions Together has experienced exceptional growth since its inception over the past nine
 15   15   Briar Hartleroad  years.  It started with 13 schools participating in Unified Sports® with the inaugural Unified Track and
 17   17   Dominick Keen  Field State Tournament in 2013.  It spread to many schools across the state with retired Champions
 18   18   Kyle Putman  Together Director, Lee Lonzo, traveling thousands of miles with Special Olympics Advocates Mitch
 20   20   Christian Butcher  Bonar and Andrew Peterson spreading the word of inclusion, acceptance and respect to schools and
 21   21   Michael Smith  student bodies.  Unified Flag Football launched in 2018 and has grown from 25 schools participating
 22   22   Eizabeth Bartz
 23   23   Skyler Simmons  in the inaugural State Tournament to 41 schools in 2021.  The unified movement will continue to grow
 Front Row (left to right): Lionel Cox, Myles Dobson, Aiden Maloney,   24   24   Chevy Holdaway  and change the lives of student-athletes across Indiana.
 Michael Smith, Briar Hartletroad, Carter Thompson;   30   30   Carter Thompson
 2nd Row: Keagan Yarian, Ray Chalfin, Cohen Pfefferkorn,   Champions Together is a collaborative partnership and SOIN continues to be a full partner in Cham-
 Chevy Holdaway; 3rd Row: Ryan Baker, Colton Johnson, Noah   Coaches - Carol Fike, Ryan Baker,   pions Together.  SOIN helps by providing technical support in implementing Unified Sports based on
 Griggs, Adam Dunn, Skyler Simmons, Scott Slaybaugh,   Doug Kelley, Brennen Maloney  more than 20 years of experience.  They have also provided financial grants to schools which start
 Preston Hayward; Back Row: Carol Fike, Dominick Keen,   Unified Sports programs, paid all costs of IHSAA Unified Sports Tournaments, and provided more
 Kyle Putnam, Curtis Cook, Christian Butcher, Brennan Maloney,   Manager - Adam Dunn   than 250 school assemblies either in-person or virtually promoting respect and inclusion.  SOIN also
 Doug Kelley
     sponsors two high school state championships in Unified Bocce (6th annual) and Unified Bowling (4th
 Brownsburg Bulldogs  annual) which provides competitive opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities.
     Unified eSports and Unified Robotics have emerged out of the pandemic as two new possibilities for
     SOIN sponsored championships.
  Dk.    Lt.   Name
  1   1   Casey Sparks  Champions Together is more than just Unified Sports.  Being a part of Champions Together means
  2   2   Walker Fruits  acceptance, community, school pride, comfort, belonging, healing and sometimes even therapy for
  3   3   Logan Bradley  some.  Champions Together changes the culture in schools, creates opportunities for those who
  4   4   Carson Knox  necessary may not get it, and forms life-long & lasting friendships.
  5   5   Cam Reich  Be part of the #InclusionRevolution and #PlayUnified!
  7   7   Gavin Barnes  Thank you for your continued support of Champions Together
  11   11   Mimi Kaba
  12   12   Jordan Clendenney
  13   13   Justin Petty                        Mike Hasch – Special Olympics Indiana
  14   14   Scott Tienda
  15   15   William Nolte
  17   17   Jackson Kerr
  20   20   Luke Grimes
  22   22   Quintin Wilson
  24   24   Owen Brown
  25   25   Gabriel Biagioni
 Front Row (left to right): Ethan Hart, Mimi Kaba, Caleb Heldman,    33   33   Caleb Heldman
 Carson Knox, Jackson Kerr, Gavin Barnes, Walker Fruits, Casey Sparks;      47   47   Parker Huff
 Back Row: Kayle Comer, Owen Brown, Cameron Reich, Parker Huff,    77   77   Adeoyin Mogaji
 Brynn Barnett, Justin Petty, Quintin Wilson, Luke Grimes, Scotty Tienda,
 Adedoyin Mogaji, Oluwaferanmi Arise, William Nolte, Gabriel Biagioni,    Head Coach - Kayle Comer
 Chris Douglas, Ava Guckenburger; Not Pictured: Jordan Clendenny,    Assistant Coach - Chris Douglas
 Logan Bradley   Manager / Stats - Ava Guckenburger

 6   IHSAA - Pure Spirit.  Pure Sport.  Pure INDIANA!  IHSAA - Pure Spirit.  Pure Sport.  Pure INDIANA!  7
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